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Haringey Pedestrian Training

PWLC Projects were invited  to create a new Smarter Travel pedestrian training programme for delivery to 22 classes of pupils in Haringey schools, across the 2021 summer and autumn terms, which covered essential road safety for Year 3 and Year 6 (or 5).


The key aim was to undertake some training for Year 6 before independent travel to secondary school. Engaging Year 6 in road safety activities is notoriously difficult as they feel confident that they already know how to cross a road safely. This training programme was established with a ‘training the trainer’ methodology in mind so that Year 6 understood their role was ultimately to train Year 3 pupils.


Year 5/6 Interactive Road Safety Lesson

Pupils received an interactive lesson to help them hone their existing road safety knowledge and skills, and set them up to created resources that they could then use to teach younger pupils. Resources included a road safety assembly delivered to the whole school and a quiz to help the year 3 pupils’ recap on what they have learnt during their practical pedestrian training.

Year 3 Practical Pedestrian Training

Small groups of pupils were taken out on a pre-risk assessed walk on roads around their school, led by an experienced road safety professional. They stopped frequently to discuss and learn pedestrian safety in a practical setting, especially focusing on how to cross safely. The route included practicing training at designated crossing points, non-designated crossing points, and in between parked cars – highlighting which were safest.


Pupils were then tested on their knowledge and understanding at the end of the walk by taking part in the quiz produced by the year 5/6s in their road safety lesson.


Programme outcomes

  • 22 schools were sent an invitation to participate

  • 18 schools accepted the offer

  • 17 schools booked workshops

  • 16 schools received activities in the summer term

  • 29 activities delivered in total

  • 41 classes / groups of pupils took part in activities

  • 1032 pupils took part in the activities

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