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Hillingdon Walk Zone

Hillingdon Schools Walk Zone Programme was initially a TfL Healthy Streets funded Public Realm consultancy programme, designed to increase walking and active travel, and to contribute more widely to TfL’s Healthy Streets targets.

hilldon walkzone.png

The programme involved the development of eye catching, Hillingdon bespoke, Walk Zone Maps for schools, and various forms / levels of support for schools to ensure that they knew how to promote their map and were able to take advantage of the opportunities it affords them in relation to STARS accreditation.


Various approaches were taken to map development and ways of working with schools across the two years of the programme based on available funding, school interest in receiving support and Covid related restrictions.

hilldon walkzone2.png

Programme outcomes

  • 109 schools had a Walk Zone Map created and designed, and received an A1 polyboard map for display in school and a pdf for their website 

  • 21 of those schools received a full suite of resources - polyboard, vinyl banner, pdf leaflet, and web pdf

  • 18 schools receiving two pupil workshops to support pupils to explore the benefits of active travel and help them to promote their map.

  • 178 pupils were involved in Walk Zone Workshops

  • All schools (109) that received a map also received a Walk Zone Map promotional guide with associated STARS guidance

  • Schools that received workshops also received a STARS guide to help them upload their activities to STARS

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