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Rutland County Council Schools

Modeshift STARS was launched to the Countys schools with a comprehensive programme of offers, educational resources, training sessions, and incentives in 2021.

Over a 6 month period from a baseline of no STARS engagement key achievements included:

  • Activity menu and associated resources developed and shared with schools. This provided the initial point of contact with schools and allowed follow-up conversations to be held

  • All previous activities known to the LA (or identified from online sources) uploaded to the STARS system. This allowed positive interactions with schools from the start and helped several schools make quick progress towards Green / Bronze levels of STARS accreditation.

  • 12 schools registered with users on STARS

  • 12 schools completed or partially completed a pupil hands up mode of travel survey

  • 12 schools completed or partially completed travel and transport survey details

  • 61% of primary schools engaged

  • 25% of secondary engaged

  • 7 schools with STARS accreditation / travel plans in place (3 Bronze and 4 Green)

  • 9 activities delivered in 7 primary schools with return visits to 2 schools

  • 287 children participated in scooter training or road safety / pedestrian training, with 23 school staff engaged during activities

  • 330 parent travel surveys completed

  • Rutland road safety training and scooter training lessons created, along with programme outlines and workshop resources

  • Rutland Junior Travel Ambassador resources created

  • Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy drafted and consulted on

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Click here for Rutland's Schools STARS lesson plans and resources.

(Password protected for Rutland schools only.)

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