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Milton Keynes Business Engagement – Ride It, Lock It, Love It


Our successful business-engagement programme ‘Ride It, Lock It, Love It’, was developed in conjunction with Milton Keynes Council to support businesses, venues and community ventures to increase levels of cycling amongst employees, visitors and customers.

In exchange for free secure cycle parking, local businesses engaged in developing a Modeshift STARS Business accredited Travel Plan and were supported to work towards a level of national STARS accreditation.

• Business engagement – we begin our projects by researching local businesses and transport infrastructure to enable a targeted and bespoke engagement method for each organisation we choose to approach. Our team are straight-talking engagement specialists who know how to communicate the benefits of participation effectively and how to build relationships to secure buy in and continued engagement.

• Client led – we exceed contract requirements to support our clients’ wider strategic aims, and contribute added and social value. Our programmes integrate the clients active travel offers, branding and ethos, as well as promotion of local infrastructure, whilst also working with their existing partners to enable a joinedup approach to delivery.

• Quality resources – In Milton Keynes we worked alongside Turvec Solutions to deliver high quality, value-for-money cycle parking; as well as Modeshift to enable businesses to gain national recognition for their contribution to increasing active travel in Milton Keynes.


The Ride It Lock It Love It initiative saw 28 organisations with 31 sites sign up for £45,000 worth of free cycle parking, to help employees to make the post-Covid return to the office a healthier and more sustainable one. In total, 256 Sheffield stands were supplied across a range of workplaces; from familiar names like Primark and Yamaha through to microbreweries, research clinics, restaurants, community cafes and gallery spaces. That’s enough space for 440 more employees to cycle to work across the district, and 28 new organisations on the road to developing a Modeshift STARS online Travel Plan and engaging in ongoing promotion of sustainable travel.

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