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Ealing Schools Active Travel Workshops 

PWLC Projects were invited to run a programme of active travel and road safety activities in Ealing Schools across the 2021 Summer term.  This bespoke programme of activities was designed to enhance and support the work already being carried out by Ealing Borough Council’s School Travel Team.

ravenor primary.png

Ravenor Primary JTA Active Travel Stall

Twenty schools were offered the opportunity to book one or more of a selection of five different activities (Which they were offered depended upon where their gaps in accreditation were, and travel and transport issues at the school) and :

  • Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) workshops

  • Road safety / distraction lesson

  • Pedestrian training Course

  • Active travel map workshops

  • Perfect Parking Campaign


A total of 45 days staffing was provided to deliver the activities, carry out administration and provide the schools with STARS support.

tudor primary.png

The overarching aim of the programme was to support Modeshift STARS TfL STARS accredited schools with renewing or improving their level of accreditation. We achieved this by:

  1. Carrying out active travel and road safety activities in schools, which count towards accreditation.

  2. Supporting schools to add activities onto the TfL STARS website, so they count towards achieving STARS Accreditation. 

  3. Ravenor Primary JTA Active Travel Stall

    Running activities which work to encourage the school communities to travel sustainably, actively, responsibly and safely. Thereby supporting behaviour change towards walking, cycling and scooting; a requirement of movement through the TfL STARS award scheme from Bronze, through to Silver and Gold.

Programme outcomes

  • 22 schools were sent an invitation to participate

  • 18 schools accepted the offer

  • 17 schools booked workshops

  • 16 schools received activities in the summer term

  • 29 activities delivered in total

  • 41 classes / groups of pupils took part in activities

  • 1032 pupils took part in the activities

Tudor Primary - Playing out a road safety scenario

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